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Qualifio developer portal

The place to learn everything about Qualifio's platform services dedicated to developers

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Build with Qualifio

Interact with your customers, reward them for all types of interactions and collect valuable data with our solutions.

Qualifio Engage

a data collection and interactive marketing platform

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Qualifio Loyalty

an interaction-based loyalty platform

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Tools for developers

Take a closer look at the solutions we offer.


Discover the different concepts and entities of Qualifio

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Webhook 2.0

Learn more about how to send participations data to your applications

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SSO Standards

Discover standard techniques to connect Qualifio to your CIAM/IDP applications

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Learn more about Qualifio API's reference catalogue

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Ensure GDPR compliance by relying on Qualifio's GDPR API

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Tagging/Tracking Plan

All about tracking and tagging plan using Qualifio's campaigns

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