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Publishing events

You can publish events to your Loyalty account and programs using our Events API. This API allows a server to directly send events to an HTTP endpoint so that it can be processed for Earn rules. This API supports different resources and payload formats aiming to cover a wide panel of use cases.

Standard events


Calls to this API can only be authenticated using machine-to-machine tokens. Our team will provide you with the credentials needed to obtain access tokens.

You can use our standard payloads (preferred method) directly by sending POST HTTP requests to our API. The reference can be found here.

Mapped events

If our standard events do not cover your use case, you can use Mapped Events to send custom payloads and have them transformed into a Loyalty-valid format using a jsonata expression. These events are sent as JSON payloads to custom endpoints created for each specific use case. You can generate these endpoints by registering an integration of type Mapped event in your Loyalty account.

When we receive events for this specific integration, we use the JSONata mapper to transform the payload to standard events accepted by our Events API.