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Getting started


Our integrations allow you to exchange data with the Qualifio Loyalty automatically.

They currently allow you to manipulate members' profiles, trigger events for them to earn currencies and receive webhooks calls whenever they perform actions in Qualifio Loyalty.


Our APIs require your calls to be authenticated. This is done through the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

An exception to this rule is the endpoint to trigger mapped events. Since it has been designed to be easier to use for our clients, it gives the choice between multiple ways to authenticate. Please refer to the Events documentation for more information.

The webhooks (sent by Qualifio Loyalty to your applications) also give you the choice between multiple ways for Qualifio Loyalty to authenticate with your application. Please refer to the Webhooks documentation for more information.


The Qualifio Loyalty APIs can be reached via the following URL:{api-name}

{api-name} can be one of the following:

  • ingestor (for events)
  • management (for members profiles)


Events can be triggered by calling the ingestor API. Combined with Earning rules defined in the Qualifio Loyalty Manager, they allow the members to earn currencies based on their actions (purchase, visits...).


The management API allows you to manipulate members' profiles. You can create, update and delete them. This can be useful, for example, to create a member's profile when they register to your website and update it when they subscribe to your newsletter.

Webhooks (from Loyalty)

While APIs allow the information to circulate from your application to Qualifio Loyalty, webhooks allow the information to circulate from Qualifio Loyalty to your application without the need for you to regularly poll our APIs.

When a member performs certain actions, webhooks can be sent to your application, depending on your preferences. They will notify you of changes such as currencies earned, new levels, new identities, etc.