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Member of a company’s marketing/digital team using Qualifio Loyalty to set up and manage the company’s loyalty program.


Becoming a member of a loyalty program. Performed online through SSO login, enrollment makes the member eligible for the benefits of the program.

Loyalty program

Marketing program ran by a company that rewards members based on behaviour, in order to acquire new customers and retain loyal ones.


Consumer taking part in a company’s loyalty program.

Member portal

The online interface where members can access information about their own activity and personal details relating to the loyalty program.


Points associated with a loyalty program. A loyalty program can have one or multiple currencies. Members accrue points (or another currency) based on their interactions. They are then allowed to swap these points into a reward through an exchange mechanism.

Current balance

The number of points owned by a member.


Point or level expiry is the automatic voiding of said points or level. The point expiry date determines when earned (issued) but unused points become void. The level expiry date determines when the member level gets re-evaluated.

Lifetime total

The total number of points earned by a member since the beginning of their joining the program.

Earning rule

A rule describing the actions and ways in which members can earn points in the program.

Criterion (plural: criteria)

Filters to stipulate when an earning rule will be matched and when points will be accrued for the member.


The expected origin of data related to an earning rule.

Burning rule

A rule describing the ways members can spend points in the program.

Promo code

A promotional/coupon code is obtained by a member when they spend points on a reward. They can then use this code to redeem the actual reward via a given client channel (e.g. online store).


The process of exchanging program currency for a reward.


An item that is exchanged for points.

Sold out rewards

Rewards for which all available promo codes have been distributed.


Some programs may group members into specific levels (”tiers”). A member may be placed in a special level based on the value of their lifetime total. Levels enable the formation of a hierarchical structure with each level offering more valuable benefits. With level expiry, members must maintain a specified level of points to re-qualify for that level in the following year.


The editor is the part of the tool where back-office users can define the look and feel of the member portal.


Widget in the editor that displays the ranking of all members according to their lifetime total.


Standard component blocks in the editor that back-office users can use to build the layout and content of the member portal.