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Tracking & Consent

In addition to existing metrics available in reporting tools such as campaign statistics and Global Stats, you may want to set-up your own tracking by defining a tagging plan in the Tag Library.

A typical tagging plan will include a Consent Manager Platform, a Tag Manager and campaign's events sent to a tracking script.

While the scripts for Consent and/or Tag Managers are a copy/paste of what is provided by the corresponding platform, you can define and customize what should be sent for each campaign's event you want to track.

What data is available?

Different sources of data can be read from the campaign to be sent to your analytics tool:

👉 Qualifio data layer
👉 Dynamic variables

Tag Templates

To help you configure the Tag Library, we prepared templates you can simply copy/paste in newly created Tags, for setting-up external tools and/or sending analytics data when an event occurs in the campaign.

👉 Start creating your tags with templates for GTM
👉 Start creating your tags with templates for TagCommander
👉 Start creating your tags with templates for Adobe Launch
👉 You don't use one of our supported Tag Managers? Start creating your tags from event only templates