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Participation limitation

In Qualifio clients have the possibility to limit the access to their campaigns. Some limitations are present as a standard in the tool (1 time per IP address, 1 time per 24h...) and must be configured in the Qualifio Manager.

External custom limitations can be defined as well thanks to the secure token feature or via a single sign-on flow. The secure token and SSO limitations allow you to apply specific rules internally and pass it to a Qualifio campaign in order to give the access to the game or not to a certain group of participants.

Participation limitation via a secure token

You can use the secure token to define the access rights to a campaign at its launch, meaning at the welcome screen of a campaign. The secure token is a standardized and secured way to pass external information to a Qualifio campaign. The process to build and apply this type of participation limitation is explained in the complete secure token documentation : Documentation secure token.

Participation via single a sign-on connection

You can use your single sign-on (SSO) identity provider (IdP) to manage access to one or more Qualifio campaigns and explicitly grant or deny access to groups of users within your IdP. This solution is available for gold and platinium customers and must be set up via an integration project with Qualifio.

The limitation will be applied at the form step of a campaign, meaning that the participant will see the welcome screen before having access or not to the next campaign steps.

  • If the access is refused, the participant will see a sorry screen with a custom message explaining this restriction.
  • If the access is granted, the participant will play the campaign as usual. Indeed, when using one of our standards SSO, the access right is defined when receiving the user profile in the SSO flow chosen. A variable present in the user profile will be used to anwser the limitation business need.

Use case

  • Business need : Access to a campaign for subscribers only.
  • Technical context : in the SSO flow, the IdP provides with the user profile in a JWT (step of a standard SSO)

eg :

"iss": "",
"sub": "1234", // unique ID of the participant
"firstName": "john",
"lastName": "lennon",
"email": "",
... // information pass to the campaign to complete the form if the access is granted
"subscriber": false, // the object subscriber will be set to "true" or "false" to pass the subsriber status of the participant
"exp": 1648196388,
"iat": 1645604388

subscriber: Object used to define the limitation, by decoding the JWT, Qualifio will define the limitation based on this object.

Configuration in the Qualifio manager

Once the custom integration project in production, the limitation can be used in your different campaigns.

The configuration of the limitation by SSO is the same one than the standard limitations present in the tool except for 2 additional steps:

  • Ensure that you have a SSO and a limitation within it (via a cutom project with the integration team at Qualifio)
  • Choose the concern variable used for the limitation in the campaign configuration.

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