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Owner Identifier

When storing client-specific data, it is common practice to associate an owner with each record to trace it back to the respective client or tenant. However, in our software system, we have multiple modules, each with its own form of tenantId. We need a way to associate the source system and namespace the range of values.

The format for the owner field is a string concatenation of three elements:

  • <prefix>
  • :
  • <tenantId>

Resulting as follows: <prefix>:<tenantId>

  • The <prefix> will be selected from a predefined list of values (described below in the Prefix column).
  • The <tenantId> represents the unique identifier of the tenant in the source system.

To obtain a tenantId you must hover your mouse on top of an account's name in the top left corner:


The following table lists the prefixes to be used in the owner field along with their descriptions and sample values:

ENGOwnerId coming from Engage moduleENG:1221
LOYOwnerId coming from Loyalty moduleLOY:99bd36b2-c245-11ed-ad26-0aae9ef94afd