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Before to dive in more specific technical topics, it is fundamental to understand our main concepts.

Understanding Engage campaigns

The notion of “campaign” is a concept at the heart of the Engage platform.

From a technical point of view, each Qualifio campaign comes with a unique campaign ID, automatically defined by the platform at the creation. This ID is a string of numbers that is used to refer to the campaign in some applications, services and data connections.

Campaign flow

A campaign is a set of different concepts, grouped per steps, open to configuration:

  • A welcome screen
  • An interaction (quiz, memory, catcher, etc.)
  • A form step
  • An exit screen

These 4 steps are what constitutes the campaign flow. Engage allows multiple campaign configuration, however:

  • The welcome screen is always optional
  • The interaction step is mandatory, unless in a campaign that is a simple form or instant win (where there is no concrete interaction, other than filling a form)
  • The form step can be mandatory (identified campaign), or optional (anonymous campaign).
  • The exit screen is a mandatory step

Moreover, Engage also gives the possibility to limit the access to a campaign before launching it, as well as standardized and secured way to pass external information, with impacts on the campaign flow.


To learn more about this functionality: Secure Token

Anonymous & Identified campaigns

An anonymous campaign will usually not gather personal identifiable information. It is mostly used to engage with your audience, increase the advertising impressions or collect cookies of personalized audiences.

An identified campaign intends to gather information on the user by filling out an identification form. In most cases, an identified campaign takes the form of a contest with incentives (e.g. prizes to win)

Websites & channels

In Engage, websites and channels are mandatory concepts associated with a campaign, playing an important role when publishing it.


A website is a sub-entity of the main account. It allows data and resources segregation within one single Engage account. Websites are used to specify Look&Feel templates, sub-domains, languages, optins, data connections, access rights, tags, etc. for your brands and subdivisions.

A website comes with different attributes:

  • Mandatory attributes: name, country code, dedicated domain, etc.
  • Optional attributes: A set of optins, potential third-party tracking/tagging tags and/or additional HTML code for specific needs, dedicated global variables which are used in the context of data connections between Qualifio and external tools, etc.

A campaign must always be attached to a website to be published. All campaigns attached to a certain website inherits from its attributes.

Publication channel

A campaign always comes with at least one publication channel selected towards 3 possibilities offered by the platform to publish a campaign:

  • Widget/iframe

Qualifio provides an HTML iframe or JavaScript code. Iframes can also be published using the oEmbed, Facebook Instant article or AMP technologies.

  • Minisite

Qualifio provides a unique URL that can hosts the campaign.

  • Mobile

Qualifio provides a link to integrate a campaign directly optimized for mobile usage. However, both publication channels types above are automatically responsive and can therefore be used by a mobile audience.


The integration tag, links and embed codes will use the domain of the website the campaign is published on.


A participant is defined by three attributes in Engage: a firstname {firstname}, a lastname {lastname} and an email address {email}.

In each identified campaign, the {email} variable must always be linked to a field to identify users. If the {firstname} & {lastname} aren't in the form, the participant will be identified with the same key, those two fields being replaced by "John Doe".

A participant is considered unique based on the combination of these three fields. This means that two participations that have the same first name, the same last name and the same email, will be considered as one person. If two participations happen with the same first name, the same last name, but a different email address those will be considered different participants.


Fields are not case-sensitive.


Each time a user lands on a campaign, a new participation is started on Engage side. This participation is always associated with a participation ID, which represents a unique identifier of the participation in Engage. This participation ID is a string of numbers.

A participation can have different status in Engage. After a campaign participation starts, the participant has a certain amount of time (60 minutes) allotted for them to complete their participation. During this timing, Qualifio stores the participation progress until the participation is completed.

Complete participation

  • Identified campaign: the form step has been reached and submitted
  • Anonymous campaign: the exit screen step has been displayed

Incomplete participation

  • Identified campaign: if the form step hasn’t been reached and submitted
  • Anonymous campaign: if the exit screen step hasn’t been displayed

Engage offers the possibility to send complete and incomplete participations to external applications via the Webhook 2.0 data connection.

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